Are you looking for a program that will improve your movement and get you out of pain? Take control of your muscles and joints with our easy to follow 10 week online course. It takes the guesswork out of taking care of your body!

10-Week Online Course

Learn to move in a way that teaches your joints to glide, not grind and stiffen up.

In this course, we show what the basics of exercise are actually supposed to be and take you through a step by step process to help you move better.

Functional Patterns as a system runs on a foundation that will reroute the way you move unconsciously, addressing the reasons you likely feel pain in the first place.

The best part about Functional Patterns, is that the results last over the long haul. Although there are many things that separate FP from the rest in the field, the most impactful is that our results stick!

Take Control of your body by understanding how to make your muscles work for you, not against you!

Functional Patterns Results

When you understand how to get your muscles to control your body in space, you can also find the way to control the pain caused by lack of body control.

Although many in the field make claims about how their system enhances movement, our results show you that follow through in getting people to move and feel better.

If you can't see the change mechanically, the problems you have will persist.

This is why it is important to be able to see the changes like the ones we display all over this website.

Taking ownership of your body mechanics and pain are now attainable thanks to the Functional Patterns Training Methodology!


Learning to correct your movement imbalances and pain is like learning how to ride a bike!

Just like you need to establish a skillset when riding a bicycle, the same goes with your body.

Contrary to popular belief, learning to move well at a fundamental level that doesn't come with joint pain requires a form of skills development.

I have simplified what used to be complicated subject matter into digestible bits of info that will help you understand how to look at the imbalances in your body.

The best part of this course is that it will teach you the techniques that will get you moving parts of your body that don't want to move, and stabilizing the parts that want to move too much.

Essentially, you will get a much better understanding of what it means to have equilibrium with your human structure.

How do we get these drastic changes to happen on so many people?

For starters, we aim to look a points of symmetry on the body and gauge what areas of the body need more motion or less motion.

Simply speaking, there are some parts of your body that move too much or too little. Sometimes they don't move at all.

When you use our methods, you will learn what it means to have good ratios between moving parts in the body.

I know that may sound complicated, but it isn't so long as you get the fundamentals of what we cover in this course down.

Think of it like this... All parts of the body need to move better together, and that's what you learn from us.

Don't worry, I simplify things so they are digestible. It's why we get results at all levels of fitness. It's why Functional Patterns is the best system on the market, hands down!

At Functional Patterns, We Are Known For Getting Results Where Other Systems Have Failed!

Functional Patterns Results

I built my career having to fix people when the conventional and non conventional systems couldn't follow through.

It took me 10's of thousands of hours to develop a completely new way of looking at movement imbalances and developing techniques to correct them systematically.

While the wide majority of people in my field avoided the questions about pain and movement dysfunctions, hoping their cookie cutter methods would solve the problems of their followers, I went straight at the problem until I found the solutions.

This was very hard work, and now you get the benefit of all that hard work, minus all the confusion!


Although we certify physical therapists, personal trainers and other health professionals, the material here is explained in simple terms.

Functional Patterns Results

Learning how to move pain free and teaching others to do the same doesn't have to be an odyssey.

Attaining functional movement doesn't mean you have to know complex terminology.

If you follow the steps, and put in the work, you will attain control of your imbalances.

If your body's hardware is malfunctioning, it means you need a SOFTWARE upgrade.

Functional Patterns IS that software upgrade everyone has been waiting for.

Attaining a new life with a new body is a simple click away, take the right steps with FP and get to your fitness goals without all the guess work.


How Do You Access the Online Course

10-Week Online Course

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This online course is not a certification program in the Functional Patterns system.

It is however part of the educational material you will need to become certified, if you choose to attend an in person certification course through Functional Patterns.


Equipment Needed

  • Can be completed from home
  • Proven to help alleviate common postural dysfunctions
  • Minimal equipment required